Our Meetings

Online Each Tuesdays at 8 a.m.

We normally meet at

Fellowship Baptist Church
Barboursville, WV

Upcoming Speakers

Apr 21 Jeanette Perry
Apr 28 Matt Oliver
May 2 Brandon Smith
May 16 Fonda Eastham
May 28  

Leadership Team

Dwane Johnson

Vice President
Matt Oliver

Andrea Smock

Membership Committee

Blaine Crabtree
Nikki Thomas

Education Coordinator
Krystal DeVoss

Visitor Hosts
Brandon Smith
Chad Smith
Richard Shell

Communication Director
Joe Smith

Mentor Coordinator
Todd Nelson



Getting Started in BNI

For new members, BNI can be confusing and exciting at the same time. Meeting so many new people, and learning the BNI structure can be intimidating.

But, don't worry. Members are here to help. If you have any questions, just ask the member who sponsored you in BNI or a member of the Leadership Team. We'd be glad to help. Below is a very brief overview to get you started.

Membership Success Program

Your first step to getting the most from your BNI membership is to attend a Member Success Program or MSP. These three hour trainings are conducted each month in several locations and are free to attend. However, you must register in advance so adequate materials will be available. A training is usually scheduled immediately following our meeting on the third Friday of each month.The sessions are available on BNI Connect.

During this session, you will learn about the entire BNI way of work, including one-to-ones, commercials, referrals and Thank you for Closed Business. This class will enable you to hit the ground running.

NOTE: All members are required to complete this training within 60 days of joining BNI. It's THAT important!

Weekly Meeting Schedule

In order to ensure our weekly meeting adheres to the 90-minute time frame, we follow a strict agenda. After a few meetings, you will become accustomed to the format. A good philosophy is to think of BNI meetings as a meeting with your best customer. You should be on time, prepared and ready to impress.

To prepare for the weekly meeting, you should:

Thank You for Closed Business: Have you made a profit from a BNI referral? Use the Thank You for Closed Business sheet to say "Thank YOU!" Sheets are turned into the Vice President during the meeting.

Referrals: Do you have a referral for another BNI Member? Use the Referral Slip to provided. The pink copy goes to the person being referred and the white goes to to the Vice President.

One To Ones: Did you have a One to One meeting with another BNI Member this Week? Use the blue sheet to report it. These also go to the Vice President.

10-Minute Presentations

Each week, one member of our chapter has the opportunity to give a ten-minute presentation to the group. This gives you the chance to expand on the work you do and how everyone can better refer you. This topic is covered in detail during the MSP training.

Presentations are scheduled by the Secretary/Treasurer approximately six weeks in advance. Members must have completed MSP before they are scheduled.

The speaker is responsible for providing a door prize for the week. All prizes must be a minimum $20 value. Some popular choices are gift certificates to local restaurants (for one to ones, of course), popular business books, gift cards for gasoline, or gift certificates for other BNI members' products or services.

One To Ones

To maximize your BNI membership, you need to develop relationships with other members. One to Ones are designed to help this process. During these meetings, you get to know another member and their business. You learn more details about how to help them grow their business.

The One To One Planner is a great way to structure your meeting. It is based on the GAINS profile. Ideally, members exchange information before their meeting to make the most of their time together. GAINS stands for

Goals - What are your business or personal objectives

Accomplishments - Achievements tells a great deal about your knowledge, skills, experiences and values.

Interest - Your interests can help you connect with others.

Networks - What organizations, institutions, companies or individuals do you associate with? How could these networks help your fellow BNI member?

Skills - The more you know about the talents and abilities of people, the better equipped you are to refer them.

BNI Connect

When your membership is processed by BNI West Virginia, you will receive a welcome email from Malia Bowles. This will give you the information you need to log into BNI Connect. This web site is a fairly new venture for BNI, but is rapidly becoming an additional asset for members who use it.

It is set up similar to Linked In and can be used to connect with other BNI members around the world. Many industry-specific forums have also been established. These can provide a wealth of information and support from colleagues.

Be sure to log on to BNI Connect and complete your profile.