Our Meetings

Online Each Tuesdays at 8 a.m.


We normally meet at

Fellowship Baptist Church
Barboursville, WV

Upcoming Speakers

Feb 16 Chad Smith
Feb 23 Marci Osburn
Mar 1 TJ Morris
Mar8 P. Blankenship

Leadership Team

Matt Oliver

Vice President
Dwane Johnson

Krystal DeVoss

Membership Committee

Fonda Eastham
Jeanette Perry

Education Coordinator
TJ Morris

Visitor Hosts
Michael Gore
Chad Smith

Communication Director
Andrea Smock






Distribution List

Do you receive emails from the Success Chapter? We have a Google Distribution Group that we use to communicate with everyone. If you are not receiving these emails, please contact our Communications Director, Jessica Anderson at jessica@andersonwellnessplanning.com.

Weather Policy Reminder

Just a reminder about our policy regarding weather, since winter has decided to make an early appearance:

On any Friday, if Cabell County Schools are closed or on a delay because of inclement weather, we will not meet. Please note this is only if Cabell County Schools are affected. Many of us drive in from other counties, but our meetings will only be cancelled based on Cabell County since that is where we meet.

Please use your own judgement when deciding to venture out in bad weather.  If our meeting is not cancelled, your absence will be counted. Just remember, we are allowed three absences during each six-month period to allow for bad weather, sickness and other issues that arise.

Referrals Can Now Be Entered Online

On October 29th, 2012 the biggest, most important change in BNI Connect history will be released for the United States.

The first time you log into BNI Connect that day you will be greeted with two new exciting additions:

All of the slips that we have traditionally passed at the meeting will be available to be entered ONLINE through BNI Connect. This includes Referrals, One to One’s, TYFCB and CEU’s. When any of these slips are entered online, the upcoming week’s PALMS reports will be automatically updated reducing the workload for VP’s worldwide. When a referral is passed, the recipient gets notified via email immediately, shortening the referral process and increasing the chance of closing the sale.

The landing page (home screen) of BNI Connect has undergone a major overhaul giving you an immediate glance of your BNI Activity, access to the above online slip entry and the ability to customize your own menus giving 1 click access to the functions you use most often.

Changes to Thank You For Closed Business

Thank you for closed business is always a confusing topic. BNI has introduced a new way of reporting income to more consistently track the business passed between members. This document also explains the other slips used in BNI.